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Since 1974

Brugge In 1974, the publicity office was founded in Brabant to settle a few years later in Bruges, where it has remained present till today and is developed to a full service advice agency, known for it’s work to measure of the client. Today more creative than ever.

Officially recognized media office

We think along with you in a strategic manner for the organisation of both small and large events, fairs, exhibitions, meetings, conferences, seminars...

Our strengths include new idea development, market research, communication, press presentation, marketing, printing support, direct mailing, public relations, media planning and copywriting.
Our art promotion division provides platforms, a focused network, artist management, strategy development, a portfolio, a collection strategy, publications, a mailing lists, project management, exhibitions, lectures, transfers and guidance for art collections.


Acht eeuwen boekbanden

In cooperation with the Public Library Bruges visit

A new sound

David Debusseré June 2022 Antwerp visit

Antiques Fair Bruges 1983-2002

1983-2002, Belfry, Bruges, Belgium visit

Art Link Damme

In order of non-profit association Art Link visit

Art Nocturne Knocke

45th International Art & Antiques Fair Hotel La Réserve & CC Scharpoord, 1976-2020 visit

Arte e Antiquariato

Rome visit

Cartografie De Zwinstreek in Kaart

In cooperation with Library Scharpoord visit

Collectors Room Brugge

Private art event on invitation visit

De abdij van Val-Saint-Lambert

In cooperation with Val-Saint-Lambert visit

De vlam in de pijp

In cooperation with the National Tobacco Museum of Wervik visit

Die Litographien Strixners

In cooperation with the Clemens-Sels-Museum visit


In cooperation with Renaat Ramon visit

Een verborgen parel met unieke kunstschatten

In cooperation with The National Lottery visit

Glinsterend in de zon. Ongrijpbaar hoog... De Torenhaan

In cooperation with Jean-Luc Dehaene visit

Hans Memling Tentoonstelling

In order of the Municipal Museums of Bruges visit

Isabella van Portugal

In cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Portugal visit

Kunstschilders van de Oostkust

In cooperation with the municipal Administration of Knokke-Heist visit

Mode ontmoet Kunst

In cooperation with Moniek Gheysen visit


In cooperation with Galerie IDA visit

Rubensgrafiek uit het Brugse Prentenkabinet

In cooperation with the Municipal Museums of Bruges visit

Sculpture Highlights

Maastricht visit

Tafelkunst van de Moezel

In cooperation with the Tourism Committee of the Moselle visit

The tribal art collection

In cooperation with The Naomi Privatstiftung visit

Toeristische affiches van Knokke-Heist

In cooperation with the department of Tourism of Knokke-Heist visit

Tribute to Jackson Pollock's 100th Birthday

In cooperation with Galerie IDA visit

Van Rubens gouden eeuw tot kant van heden

In order of the Municipal Museums of Bruges visit

Van vijzel tot zalfpot

In cooperation with the Royal Pharmacists Association Bruges visit


In cooperation with Optimo visit

Promoted Artists


Intermediary for selling and buying art worldwide, both for art dealers, artists, individuals, companies, government, instituions, museums ...

Manage an art collection

As an independent advisory office with decades of experience in the branch we are there to assist you from a-z, starting with the inventory, creating texts, making the professional photographs suited for museum and expert. After having inventoried the entire collection we can suggest what the opportunities are with every artwork and how it’s market values evolve. We work together with only specialised and independent experts in each field.

Creation of inventory catalogues

Once your collection is inventoried we are ready to make your overview catalogue. Whether you have a collection of old masters, contemporary installations, sculptures, silver work, diamonds, collectables,… we offer suited solutions in all forms, budget and finishing. The most important for us is to express the uniqueness from each object through its publication.

Promote an art collection

Besides the creation of printed materials we are experienced in organising exhibitions from a-z (communication, decoration and construction, catering, location, security,…), whether it is a one man show or an own initiative or if you are ready to cooperate with an exhibition in an Art Fair or international museum. We make sure your work deserves it’s place and is presented as it should.

Transfer or lend an art collection

Mainly with larger collections we often have request from museums all over the world to lend or transfer collections. As with art collection management we are there for you to consult in these transactions.

Obviously every situation is different. Therefore we are ready to connect our clients with the suited partners if needed for independent and correct advise on insuring your art collection, thinking about the future, creating a foundation, managing a fund,…

Practical support

Depending on the condition of the works we can recommend the leading restorers, as each discipline has another specialist in the field. Also regarding storage at your home, or transport all over the world, we can take care of every artwork the way with respect and understanding of its specific fragilities.

Furthermore we can prepare an overview to improve the presentation of the works: lightening, showcases and the storage possibilities; both for your home and on location.

Fairs & Events

Official on demand real estate agents.

Your partner for purchase and sale of exclusive real estate made on demand.

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